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Mozquitoo: Chinese New Year Myth

Friday, January 13, 2012

Chinese New Year Myth

Long times ago, people were live in the situation of scary and fear because the world is unsafe. Monsters conquered the world. There was an awful monster came out on the first and the 15th of each lunar month to hunt people.

This monster was called “Nian”.
It was very fierce and looked like a unicorn. The pity villagers were so scare because if the monster come, the whole village will be destroyed. Therefore, they stayed close with each other and locked their doors before sunset on the days of the monster is coming.

One day, an intelligent man suggested an idea to chase away the “Nian”. He said to the villagers: let us make a loud noise by beating the drums and gongs and burning bamboo. It is because once the bamboo burn, it will crack. We also can light the fireworks.After the villagers heard about his idea, they all agreed to it and started to prepare about it.
Hongjun Laozu was the monk who is told about in the myth of Chinese New Year. He was the person who captured Nian, the great beast that terrorised the people of China every Chinese New Year

At night, there was cold and moonless, as the villagers thought, the “Nian” came out again. It came towards the villagers and opened its mouth tried to hunt them. However, all of the villagers were so cooperative and mode their plan before to be successful. The “Nian” was frighten by the noise of drums and gongs as well as the lighting bamboo. At this moment, people jumped up and straight away killed the monster.

in the next morning, none of the villagers were missing. They were all be together and very happy. They congratulated each other because their plan was so effective! Since then, beating drums and gongs, burning fireworks become the traditions that must be conducted by the Chinese to welcome a new year. That means the Winter is over and lovely Spring is coming. Everything is new. “Nian” refers to the “New Year”.

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