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Mozquitoo: 2011-12-04

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Greatest Warriors Throughout History

8. Aztecs

The life of Aztec warriors was one of constant battle. Young Aztec men became warriors at the age of 17. Thepriests, too, engaged in warfare, as the overall purpose of the Aztec warriors was to serve and pay respect to thegods. The pride the Aztecs felt in warfare was even made evident by their system of government, which required new rulers to prove themselves first on the battlefield. Those Aztec warriors who demonstrated the most bravery and who fought well became either jaguar or eagle warriors.

greatest warrios throughout history08 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

7. Vikings

Yes, those burly and bearded guys were one of the most potent warriors. Moving from Norway and Denmark, they became the frightening force which ruled the oceans. History remembers them as a cruel and fierce warriors. They were also the elite of their time and as such found their place guarding important people. That earned them a place on our list. On the other hand, they were skilled craftsmen and sailors.

greatest warrios throughout history07 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

6. The Huns

The Huns were nomads from the Central Asian Steppes, but their exact origins remain a mystery. Like other steppe people, Hun warriors fought exclusively as cavalry, and their warriors relied on the mobility of their horses and the penetration power of their composite bows. Like other steppe people, the Huns were natural warriors, having shot a bow and ridden on a horse for his entire life. On the battlefield, the Huns would fire a shower of arrows, inflicting casualties in long range.

greatest warrios throughout history06 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

5. Gallic Berserker

They were one of the main reasons it took Caesar so long to conquer Gaul. These mighty warriors fall intomurderous rage that only ends with defeat of their enemies or their own deaths. Their belief in power of frenzy is so strong they don`t wear any armor, and they are mostly in first line of the battle, wielding their brutal weaponry. They were also famous for their ability to ignore almost fatal wounds and bloodlust.

greatest warrios throughout history05 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

4. Teutonic Knights

They were members of “The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem”. It was formed to aid Christians on their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to establish hospitals. Its members have commonly been known as the Teutonic Knights, since they also served as a crusading military order in the Middle Ages. In short, they were fierce, zealous, heavily armored and armed warriors of the Church and that placed them here, on our list.

greatest warrios throughout history04 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

3. The Roman Legionary

Legionaries were one of the most disciplined soldiers in history, and that made them so great. For most of the Roman Imperial period, the legions were a part of the Imperial army and formed its elite heavy infantry, recruited exclusively from Roman citizens. The Roman legionary was a professional soldier of the Roman army after the Marian reforms of 107 BC. Legionaries had to be Roman citizens under the age of 45. They enlisted in a legion for twenty-five years of service, a change from the early practice of enlisting only for a campaign. The last five years were on veteran lighter duties. Joining the army was both a duty and a distinguishing mark of Roman citizenship.

greatest warrios throughout history03 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

2. Samurai

The samurai (or bushi) were the warriors of premodern Japan. They later made up the ruling military class that eventually became the highest ranking social caste of the Edo Period (1603-1867). Samurai employed a range of weapons such as bows and arrows, but their main weapon and symbol was the sword. Samurai were supposed to lead their lives according to the ethic code of bushido (“the way of the warrior”). According to this code, it`s a great shame not to give your life for salvation of you leader, so it wasn’t unusual for them to suicide after their leader fall in battle. Strongly Confucian in nature, bushido stressed concepts such as loyalty to one’s master, self discipline and respectful, ethical behavior. Many samurai were also drawn to the teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism.

greatest warrios throughout history02 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

1. Spartans

Greatest warriors of all time, without any doubt. Strong, fast, perfectly trained, Spartans were the pinnacle of warfare. History: Sparta was unique in ancient Greece for its social system and constitution, which completely focused on military training and excellence. “With this, or upon this” was common saying when Spartan went to war, meaning that true Spartan will either die in battle (and would be carried back home on his shield) or would win and come home triumphantly with the shield in his hand. Renown for their last stand at Thermopylae, where they, led by kind Leonidas I, held their ground against 300.000 Persians, they were recorded in history as the greatest warriors who ever lived!

greatest warrios throughout history01 Greatest Warriors Throughout History

Best Waxwork Out There

Although a lot of people think that Madame Tussauds is a person, it`s not, it`s actually a museum icon smile Best Waxwork Out There . That tourist attraction is in London, and was founded by wax artist Marie Tussaud. You can see some very convincing waxwork there, including celebrity figures, famous killers etc. Check it out, it`s really amazing…

best waxwork out there01 Best Waxwork Out There

best waxwork out there02 Best Waxwork Out There

best waxwork out there03 Best Waxwork Out There

best waxwork out there04 Best Waxwork Out There

best waxwork out there05 Best Waxwork Out There

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best waxwork out there12 Best Waxwork Out There

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

Mimicry is an ability of some organisms to constantly or sometimes adjust their appearance to the environment to reduce vulnerability, danger to life and so that organisms can survive easier. Mimicry could be called “useful similarity” as a kind of living things that the target of predators and color appearance may resemble those species that are poisonous for example. In nature, animals can find colorful and gorgeous colors, different shapes and sizes. Some can blend with the surroundings so that we can pass a hundred times not to notice… and what is the point of mimicry.

1. Insects are common examples of mimicry. Insects can be so blend with their surroundings that sometimes we can not recognize them. Some insects can have the appearance of twigs, leaf, bark, wood and some may simply be the same color as their habitat.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

2.This insect looks like a dried leaf, and the shape and color.This is a great camouflageagainst predators who will go next to him thinking he is the most common leaf.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

3. Some butterflies are its color can fully merge with a leaf or tree that contains. And some butterflies on their wings have painted a false head like a butterfly on this picture. At first glance it seems to us that we saw a animal with large and passionate eyes, giving them a good way of camouflage, and defense against predators.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

4.Many beetles can have vibrant colors that can easily drive off the enemy.On this bug colors are so deployed give us the impression that we look into being with large eyes and mouth filled with sharp say teeth.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

5. As with insects, so we can find a lot of examples of mimicry in fish and other sea creatures. Some organisms can fully look like rocks, stones, sand, grass, algae…

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

6. One of the ways for sea creatures to camouflage theirselves is digging themselves in the sand. Fully cover their body with sand and gravel and only their eyes (usually) remain above the sand :) it’s a good way to protect and to attack. Rays are a great example of mimicry by digging in the sand.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

7.Some fish are completely assumed the color and appearance as the seabed and bottom of the ocean. Many fish most of their life spend at the bottom to protect themselves. This fish would be hard to notice because the color and shape resembles the rocks.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

8.Amphibians and reptiles are also an excellent example of mimicry.There are reptiles which people immediately can remember when mimicry is mentioned.It is a chameleon, the lizard who changes its colors according to the environment that surrounds him. That is the best way to protect themselves but also to catch their lunch.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

9. Mimicry sometimes known to be dangerous phenomenon, that shows other reptiles – snakes. Snakes are an excellent example of camouflage because of its color and thin body. Snakes can often confused with branches, stones and they can also camouflage filling in the sand and gravel. It can be very dangerous to other creatures if they are in the vicinity and not notice the snake.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

10. In addition to insects, reptiles, fish and birds can be excellent examples of mimicry. Their feathers can take the colors of their surrounding so much that the animals who come across their menu barely stand a chance to survive if they get near them. This owl would be difficult to see in nature.

10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

What it Would Be Like If You Were a Cartoon


Dancing Geckos


Dumbo famously featured pink elephants, but did you know that there was a pink dolphin? In their wild habitat of the Amazon River they are quite happy to meet and greet those willing to forego a few fish for the pleasure of their company.

Pink Dolphins on ParadeImage Credit Flickr User JorgeBrazil

Also known as the Amazon River Dolphin this friendly and gregarious species is found not only in the river from which it gets one of its names.

pink dolphin 10Image Credit Flickr User Joachim S Muller


It can also be seen in the Orinoco and the Araguaia Rivers – in fact its range covers six South American countries.

amazon-river-dolphin-leapingPink Amazon River Dolphin

Mariah Carey talks twins, shares nursery picturesPink Dolphins and Mariah Carey

Oh yes, the multitude of names. It goes by many - Bufeo, Bufeo Colorado, Boto, Boto Cor de Rosa, Boutu, Nay, Tonina, Boto Vermelho, Boto Cor-de-Rosa, Bouto, Inia, Pink Dolphin, Pink Freshwater Dolphin, Pink Porpoise, Tonina and, bizarrely, Wee Quacker. It is some wonder that it doesn’t suffer from a dolphinesque identity crisis.

1Pink Dolphins on ParadeEating pink dolphin

pink dolphin 8Image Credit Flickr User Zemlinki

On casual inspection the Pink Dolphin looks very similar to the grey dolphin with which we are much more familiar. Yet the pink dolphin is usually a little longer and they do not have a dorsal fin – they have a hump of bony flesh instead. The pink coloring changes from individual to individual.


pink dolphin 9Image Credit Flickr User JorgeBRAZIL

They also have unfused neck vertebrae, which sounds like something which should demand immediate treatment. However, it means that they are able to turn 180 degrees without any worries. In the South American rives in which it lives this is a distinct advantage. It means that the pink dolphin is able to manoeuvre skilfully through underwater tree trunks and roots in search of its prey.


pink dolphin 101Image Credit Flickr User JorgeBRAZIL

Their teeth are adapted to life in the river after certain prey. The pink dolphin has around a hundred teeth, peg-like and ideal for catching prey such as small turtles and crabs. The shells of these animals are easily crushed by teeth like those! This is why you do not hear of tourists swimming with pink dolphins - it is not the most sensible think to do as even a friendly nip from one of these could cause a deal of harm.

pink dolphin 11Image Credit Flickr User Zemlinki

Yet they do become familiar enough with some of their human neighbors to trust them to join them in the water.

pink dolphin 12Image Credit Flickr User Luciana Christante


It also has a wonderfully long snout which, in river conditions, is ideal. It uses it to extract fish from hollow logs and thickets with ease. It is a supreme hunter in these conditions – even more so when the water levels drop. Fish and other freshwater species head for the lakes when this happens. The pink dolphin follows and takes full advantage of having its dinner squeezed in to a reduced body of water.

pink dolphin 13Image Credit Flickr User Luciana Christante

dolphins and Rio 026source

However, it is during the flood season which happens around April that the pink dolphin chooses to give birth. The young will be expected to fend for themselves after a few months and this is the only time of year that you will see the species in any numbers together.

pink dolphin 14Image Credit Flickr User JorgeBRAZIL

pink dolphin 15Image Credit Flickr User JorgeBRAZIL

It is hardly surprising that a lot of folklore has sprung up around this responsive and sociable creature. Some say that at night the pink dolphin transforms in to a handsome young man. This shape shifter is known as encantando and he delights in the seduction of local human maidens. It is thought that this story became widespread because the dolphin’s genitalia do bear a passing resemblance to our own.

pink dolphin 16Image Credit Flickr User Joachim S Muller

pink dolphin 20Image Credit Flickr User Luciana Christante

As such, however, this lore protects the dolphins to an extent. It is considered immense bad luck to kill one – and looking one directly in the eye is also said to bring lifelong nightmares to whosoever dares to make eye contact.

pink dolphin 18Image Credit Flickr User Joachim S Muller

pink dolphin 19Image Credit Flickr User JorgeBRAZIL

It isn’t a life without threat, however, for the pink dolphin. Although they cover a wide area they are considered endangered because of the massive increase in river traffic and fishing that recent decades have brought. Pollution and habitat loss are also playing a part in the decrease of their numbers.

pink dolphin 17Image Credit Flickr User JorgeBRAZIL

It can only be hoped that the pink dolphin of the Amazon will continue to find a home in its natural environment and that this charming and unreserved animal will still be around to enthral us in centuries to come.


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