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Mozquitoo: How To Drive Away Other Women Trying To Steal Your Man?

Friday, October 28, 2011

How To Drive Away Other Women Trying To Steal Your Man?

The nightmare that every woman hopes to avoid is that of other women trying to steal her man. This can be a genuine concern or it can be a paranoia that actually drives your man into the hands of another woman. So assuming that yours is a genuine concern and you simply want to avoid the nightmare of other women stealing him…what can you do to circumvent such a possibility?

Make it clear to him that cheating on you has some really painful consequences. To drive away other women you must damper his drive to cheat on you. You have to make it clear to him that you will not stand to be cheated on regardless of the reasons that he may have. Do not assume that he knows this. Make it absolutely clear and let him know what you feel is acceptable behavior between him and any other women and what you think is unacceptable behavior. Remember that you have both been socialized differently and you need to come to a consensus on what works for both of you. If you do not make the ground rules clear than how can you expect him to know when he has broken the rules? Love is not in contention here but communication. Make sure that he knows without a shadow of doubt that cheating on you is a no-go for you. And let him know what it is that you consider as cheating. Is an online romance with a woman he has never met cheating? Is talking 4 hrs a day with is ex cheating? Is taking another woman for coffee or dinner cheating? Remember that one man’s cheating may be another man’s acceptable behavior so be absolutely clear in this area.

Be every woman to him. You want him happy at home so that he has no reason to stray. This does not mean that you should pretend to be what you are not but it does mean that you work with him to make your marriage and your sex life all that it can be. If this is the relationship you want to be in for the long haul then you must put in your best efforts to make it as great as it can be. Be interested in him and his life and allow him into yours. Explore each other and give each other room to grow and you will curtail his interest in any other woman who may want to steal him from you.

Be happy with who you are and what life has given you.To drive away other women trying to steal your man you have to be magnetic to him so that other women have no hope of getting his attention and their hooks into him. A happy, confident you will be a ray of attraction to him and he will be less drawn to other women and will have more inhibitions destroying what he has with you as it is so great.

Do not let him walk all over you. Contrary to what many women imagine being a ‘yes’ women does not make him stop straying. If you have no backbone or values then guess what happens? He strays because he knows you will take him back and even if things are not as great as they once were the repercussions from the cheating will be minimal. Be strong in who you are and what you stand for and do not let him push you around. A man is attracted to someone he can respect and if you do not respect yourself then how can he respect you?

Don’t scream and nag. You may feel better after a screaming and nagging session but your man probably shut down the minute you started or he matched you nastiness for nastiness. Nothing good comes from such an encounter except to drive a wedge between the two of you. If you want to drive away other women trying to steal your man then you need to stop driving pointless wedges between you and your man. When he is emotionally disconnected from you; he is more susceptible to tempting offers from other women. This does not mean that you don’t fight but it does mean that you fight in constructive ways so that there is resolution and not a shouting match that no one wins. Fight in such a way that you both win something through consensus and are emotionally closer and not further apart after the fight.

Do not stalk him or try to curtail his freedom. Resist the irrational temptation to keep him on a leash by herding him or by stalking him. It may seem like a good idea when the jealousy bug bites but it simply doesn’t work in the long run. You demean him by doing this as it shows him clearly that you do not trust him and you exhaust yourself physically and emotionally. When he knows that you do not trust him then he will tend to untrustworthy behavior since that’s what you expect from him. People often give you what you accuse them off… so resist this dark one way street to unhappiness.

For most women there will always be another woman trying to steal your man. You love your man because he has some great attributes and other women are not blind and will see these qualities also and want him for them-selves! Be real…you cannot stop other women from being attracted to your man but you can stop your man from being tempted by these often flattering advances.

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