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Mozquitoo: The Museum of Soviet and Russian Technology

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Museum of Soviet and Russian Technology

Different models of telephones are presented in the hall.

The Polaroid was made in the USSR.

Stereocamera Sputnik.

Photographic rifle.

Cinematograph projector.

Tu-22 instrument board.

Jet engine.

Model of Luna-16 (Moon-16) that brought moon soil to the Earth.

A model of interplanetary station.

A wheel of a lunar rover.

A model of MIR space station.

A pilotless orbital rocket plane.

Space medicine box.

Sanitary appliance of SOYUZ spaceship.

Hand controlled panel of the landing module of SOYUZ-T spaceship.

Assembly spacecraft.

The most famous Soviet robot made at the Polytechnical Institute in Moscow.

A lamp computer.

Steam Coach.

Location: Moscow

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