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Mozquitoo: Welcome to the Opel Museum

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome to the Opel Museum

Let's look at beautiful cars. One of the biggest Opel museums is situated on the territory of the Opel plant in Russelsheim. Here they present all models of Opel cars, and all concept cars that the company prepares for automobile shows.

Opel Kadett 1936

4/8PS with 4 cylinders engine usually called «Doktorwagen» (Doctor's car) evaluated for 3950 marks.

Reliable and not so expensive

Mass - 525 kg. It was ideal for doctors.

Opel 4 PS, 1924, called "a frog" or "tree-frog" for the green color. It was very famous.

2 millionth Opel Kapitan 1956

Opel Kapitan, 1951.

Opel Olympia

Opel Olympia cabrio, 1935-40

Opel Olympia Rekord Caravan (1953–57)

Chrome parts are covered with gold

Next generation of Opel Kapitan was called a "keyhole" for the shape of rear lights. 1958

Opel Kapitan 1959 was the most successful

All cars are in a working order

The white - Opel Admiral A, the red one - Rekord C Cabriolet

Rekord 1965

Rekord 1976

1975 (!), a very beautiful concept car was presented in Geneva. Opel GT/W Genève

Opel Eco Speedster, 2003, was equipped with 1.3 litres engine, it set 17 world records in fuel consumption economy among diesel cars!

In 1928 Fritz von Opel set a speed record on this rocket car reaching the speed of 238 km/h.

Waiting for restoration

Brütsch Mopetta 1956-1958

The whole collection of concept cars of last years.

Opel Frogster was shown in 2001. It may turn from a roadster to pickup.

Corsa Spider of the early 80s

Concept car Opel Insignia Concept, 2003


Serial Opel GT

2004, Geneva showroom - Opel Trixx has an interesting design.

The millionth bicycle was produced in July, 21st, 1926.

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