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Mozquitoo: Beyonce Knowles shares her Sexy Tips

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beyonce Knowles shares her Sexy Tips

Beyonce Knowles in Lovely Style
Has plenty of talent, at least that’s what Beyonce Giselle Knowles describes the figure. Fame not only as a singer with golden voice, Beyonce also has the potential to be a songwriter, producer, and actress.
Has an exotic skin, beauty Beyonce earned high praise, even being pregnant, do not create beauty subsided, even more shine. Actually what is the secret of beauty Beyonce, treatment expensive?
Listen to the advice of the mother
“The secret of the most beautiful I remember, I learned from my mother. He always reminded me that I did not forget to clean the rest of the makeup will go to sleep now,” said Beyonce was quoted as saying of glamour. Makeup does help a person look beautiful and impressive, but once a scourge if not quickly cleaned.
Satisfied embedded in the skin, makeup can be left in and clog the pores of the skin. This can lead to inflammation, or more commonly known as pimples.
1. Make sure you clean your eye makeup with a makeup remover eye skin-friendly, and clean more leverage
2. Choose a cleanser that according to the type and skin needs
Rely on the hot oil and hair nutrition
Not just a hair care shampoo and conditioner use only. Beyonce, provide hot nutritional and vitamin E oil on your hair regularly. “He also uses a sulfate-free shampoo is gentle and friendly in the hair,” said Kim Kimble, Beyonce’s personal hairstylist who has worked with him for 12 years.
1. Use a hot oil on a regular basis once a month, combined with a hair spa / hair of ozone that will help care for the hair moisture
2. Note also the nutrition from the inside, inadequate vitamin E and calcium needs through food
3. Treat your hair is very soft and not abusive. And provide sufficient time for the rest of the hair dryer.
Learning from others
“My mother is an owner of the salon, where I often meet people who have problems with hair. From them I learned how to love and care for the hair. Learning how to deal with their hair, and care and love my own hair very well,” he added.
1. Read every testimony of a product before buying it
2. Also look at the ingredients in the product before buying
Remember the natural
Jackie Gomez, makeup artist who has worked with Beyonce for 8 years revealed that Beyonce is a person who likes to watch himself. For this reason, it is more convenient to use all of the all-natural, Included in the terms of use eyelash. He did not like too much, he would rather it all looks very natural.
1. Choose mineral cosmetics products are much friendlier to the skin
2. Avoid excessive use of the lashes to the natural impression can make you more beautiful
3. Hair extensions may be the instant solution to get an instant long hair. But need to be observed also that the hair extensions are also hurting the hair and tends to make it easy to fall off.
Be yourself
Be beautiful for Beyonce is about to be yourself. Highlight what they have without pretending to be someone else and dress up. This is called an inner beauty, which must be owned by all the women in the world. And, we believe you have it :)
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