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Mozquitoo: Rihanna’s Hottest Ass Shots

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rihanna’s Hottest Ass Shots

In recent months Rihanna has been traveling the globe doing a combination of tour and vacationing. This means that there has been plenty of Rihanna’s hot ass on display for us to enjoy. If there is one thing that Rihanna knows it is that we want the booty and she delivers it. Her live show is packed with asstastic costumes that show off her fine, round rump. When she hits the beach she isn’t afraid to break out a bikini or a tight little suit that really flatters her curves.
Where Rihanna and her amazing ass really shine is when she is wearing regular clothes. She puts on pants or a nice form fitting skirt/dress and it hugs her ass in such a way that the curves are dangerous and alluring. That booty pops out and the only thing that comes to mind is the word POW!. Some of these shots below have her in bikinis, others show her on stage or just having fun. The main pic is her in her nightie getting some fresh air one morning.
You know they say you learn something new every day and I did that today. I learned that Rihanna likes to grab that ass. She grabs her own ass on stage. She grabs other girl’s asses when she is hanging out with them. They grab her ass. Somehow I have a feeling if I got in on the ass grabbing festivities it wouldn’t work out so well. That is the problem with society. When a hot chick grabs Rihanna’s ass it is fun and sexy. When I do it it is “creepy” and “unwanted”. Regardless of the hypocrisy,  enjoy there are few better ways to start off a week than with Rihanna and her fantastic ass.

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