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Mozquitoo: Doctor says he can Turn your Brown Eyes Blue in 20 Seconds

Friday, November 4, 2011

Doctor says he can Turn your Brown Eyes Blue in 20 Seconds

If you’re one of the 6.5 billion or so people with big beautiful brown eyes, like myself, you may soon have the option of turning them blue…permanently in just 20 seconds.

An American doctor claims that he can change your eyes from brown to blue in a procedure that lasts less than a minute – but be forewarned, once you go blue, you can’t go back. Dr. Gregg Homer runs a clinic in California where he says he can use a simple laser procedure to burn the melanin, the substance that gives skin its colour, out of brown eyes.

Two to three weeks later, the subject should have a nice new set of blue-ish peepers. Unfortunately, the process is irreversible, as melanin does not come back, but you’ll be too busy being confused for a Nordic supermodel to have to worry about that. Homer says he needs $800,000 (£500,000) more to pay for clinical trials, after which he hopes to feature the so-called “Lumineyes” treatment at his clinic for a cost of just under $5,000 per pair.

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