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Mozquitoo: Slightly Weird Mascot Masks

Friday, November 4, 2011

Slightly Weird Mascot Masks

If there are any football teams that need a mascot with eagle nest inside a mouth, or one hatching from a skull,Montreal artist Ian Langohr has just what you’re looking for.

Langohr masks, which were created using skills learned while working for a mascot production company to channel his inner weirdness, seem to share the same surrealist philosophy and aesthetic.

The masks produce a narrative upon investigation of both their bodily and animal components. Ian’s masks tell stories that contrast themes of melancholy and anxiety with that of absurdity and humour. Conflicts are presented within the masks through the manipulation of scale. These are meant to be allegorical, often reflecting issues of domesticity and personal identity.

Does anybody else think this guys got a bird fetish?



Factory Face (Stinky)

Factory Face (Stinky)

Domesticated Ibex

Domesticated Ibex


Terror Bird

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