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Mozquitoo: 5 foods to slim down your face

Friday, January 6, 2012

5 foods to slim down your face

1, celery + milk, the only choice for whitening and Fat Burn

Milk naturally have a whitening effect, and celery also has a high nutritional value, as well as to promote the function of oral activity. Celery as a food, crisp and refreshing, can lowering blood pressure! Take two celery juice, then pour the milk, stirring evenly, drinking, can promote the burning of fat on your face, play the role of face-lift!

celery   milk

2, Chinese watermelon + corn soup

When ordering, we often let the waiter recommend a light soup, and often will hear Chinese watermelon seafood soup; But here, as we recommend the DIY melon corn soup! This soup can go to fat, to edema, is the leader in soups! It’s also very simple, an important point to remember: less salt, continuing to drink one to two months, the effect will gradually markedly it!

Chinese watermelon   corn soup

3, carrots + honey

Honey has detoxification and cosmetic effect, and carrots are rich with a variety of vitamins. Its approach is very simple, a glass of fresh squeezed carrot juice, then add a spoonful of honey, stir well and you can drink it! After getting up every morning, drink a glass of, beauty, detoxification, but also to eliminate facial edema!

natto, Japanese girl's favorite food

4, natto, Japanese girl’s favorite food

Natto is Japanese girls’ regular diet, it is rich in potassium, can be said that it’s one of the health foods in Japanese; the natto juice every day as a beverage drink!

persimmon cake

5, persimmon cake

Persimmon cake is sweet and delicious, for girls, it is the best choice! Its nutritional value is very high, a persimmon’s vitamin C, the basic amount needed to meet half of the day, but also help the stomach to digest! But in the consumption, we should be careful not to eat with kelp, seaweed, radish, etc.!


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