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Mozquitoo: Mega Miniature of Russia

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mega Miniature of Russia

In Saint Petersburg, they are making a mega miniature of Russia which we mentioned about in one of our previous posts. It covers a lot of sides of Russian reality, and it’s really worth seeing!

The Kaliningrad Region.

The miniature of the largest country in the world should be large as well. Its 800 m2 include houses, trains, cars, people, lanscapes and many other interesting things inherent in Russia. Besides, all of it is automated and lives its life. Here you will find alternation of day and night, running trains and people doing their job.

The miniature is still uncompleted and they let visitors in only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Its railway station.

Saint Petersburg.


This must be Sheremetyevo International Airport.


A military port in Murmansk or Severomorsk.

Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

‘Winter Olympics 2014′.


A control center.

A military base.

A Sapsan high speed train.

A steam engine.

A depot.

A railway station.

Trains and cars turn on their headlights when it’s dark.

A pig farm.


Excavating a plane crushed during WWII.

A wedding in Saint Petersburg.

Repairing a Moskvich.

Country life.

A grocery store.

UFO signs found in the field.

Exploring caves.

Looking for a cow that has escaped.


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