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Mozquitoo: Delicious Car Models

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Delicious Car Models

delicious cars10 Delicious Car Models

This tasty looking thing was created exclusively out of chocolate, and was exhibited in SIngapore’s Royal Plaza on Scotts, back in 2008. The 4.7 meters-long, 2 meters-wide Formula 1 car weighed around 90 kilograms and was made with white, dark and milk chocolate. The design alone took 44 days to complete, and a team of eight chocolatiers worked 7 days and nights on it.

delicious cars01 Delicious Car Models

delicious cars02 Delicious Car Models

Gumball Hummer

Artist Heidi Heiss made this unique gumball model of the Hummer H1 as a tribute to the soldiers who gave candy to children during the war. Completed in 2006, the candy HumVee was made with thousands of colorful gumballs, steel and wire mesh. The art project is known as “Sugar Coated”.

delicious cars03 Delicious Car Models

delicious cars04 Delicious Car Models

Gingerbread Woodie

The 1948 Ford Woodie has always looked good, but after the chefs at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel Hotel, California, created a replica of the iconic car out of gingerbread, you can say it looks delicious. A team of chefs worked around 800 hours on this replica made of 150 pounds of gingerbread and 300 pounds of royal icing. It was tough job, but it was worth it, considering it was broken down into pieces and handed out to children, right after the 2010-2011 New Year’s festivities.

delicious cars05 Delicious Car Models

delicious cars06 Delicious Car Models

Chocolate Porsche

In a bid to celebrate Saint Nicholas day and attract the attention of new clients, a car dealership in the Netherlands had a Porsche 911 Carrera completely covered with 150 pounds of Swiss Chocolate. It’s not completely edible, like most of the cars on our list, but you can definitely lick your way through that sweet paint job, so I thought it earned its spot. Just in case you were wondering, the chocolate didn’t ruin the original paint job; the owner made sure it was safely covered in cling before pouring the hot chocolate.

delicious cars07 Delicious Car Models

delicious cars08 Delicious Car Models

Bread Torque

A year after it hosted the unveiling of a life-size chocolate Formula 1 car, the the Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore, was the scene of another memorable event – a team of chefs spent 549 hours making a life-size car model from loaves of bread. They used 15 kg of yeast, 14 liters of water, 2 kg of salt and 10,800 ml of food varnish to create 1,000 loaves and 22 different kinds of bread. The end result speaks for itself.

delicious cars09 Delicious Car Models

delicious cars11 Delicious Car Models

Cake on wheels

This incredible life-size car made of cake was created during the 2009 edition of the Retail Bakers of America convention, by Buddy Valastrto and the crew at Carlo’s Bakery, in Hoboken, New Jersey. They worked around the clock to create one of the most impressive car models I have ever seen, complete with an edible engine. I don’t know much about the building process, just that it was made of stacked cakes and covered with a lot of frosting.

delicious cars12 Delicious Car Models

delicious cars13 Delicious Car Models

Baked Skoda Fabia

Arguably the most impressive edible car ever made, the baked Skoda Fabia is part of an advert many say boosted the Czech manufacturer’s sales considerably. It reportedly cost $800,000 to make, and had a team of bakers and model makers create an edible replica of the Fabia, complete with a realistic engine made of cake. It took 180 eggs, 100 kg of flour, 100kg of caster sugar, 30 kg of almonds, 65 kg of dried fruit and a giant vat of chocolate sauce to create just the car’s bodywork. A lot more ingredients went into the paint job, accessories and the making of that delicious looking engine. It cost a lot more than a real Skoda Fabia, but the result is simply mind blowing.

delicious cars14 Delicious Car Models

delicious cars15 Delicious Car Models

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