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Mozquitoo: Titanic Auctioned

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Titanic Auctioned

More than 5,500 objects from the collection of antiques uncovered from the legendary “Titanic” were auctioned for 190 million U.S. dollars! Among them: porcelain, wreckage, money, gold…

titanic auctioned01

titanic auctioned02

titanic auctioned03

titanic auctioned04

titanic auctioned05

titanic auctioned06

titanic auctioned07

titanic auctioned08

titanic auctioned09

titanic auctioned10

titanic auctioned11

titanic auctioned12

titanic auctioned13

titanic auctioned14

titanic auctioned15

titanic auctioned16

titanic auctioned17

titanic auctioned18

titanic auctioned19

titanic auctioned20

titanic auctioned21

titanic auctioned22

titanic auctioned23

titanic auctioned24

titanic auctioned25

titanic auctioned26

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