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Mozquitoo: Chinese hotel on a Soviet aircraft carrier

Friday, January 13, 2012

Chinese hotel on a Soviet aircraft carrier

The old Russian aircraft carrier named "Kiev" altered by a luxury hotel on the water. Located a miracle in China.

The opening of "Kiev" was held just two days after the test the first Chinese aircraft carrier "Varyag" caused tension in the South China Sea.
Proudly calling the first hotel in China, the aircraft carrier, «Tiajin Aircraft Carrier Hotel» simply must excite public interest in the naval forces of the country.
A worker cleans the hotel presidential suite in a luxury hotel inside decommissioned from service carrier "Kiev" on the beach, Bagua, on the outskirts of Tianjin. The new hotel occupies a 6000 sq.m. The length of an aircraft carrier 273 meters, width - 53 meters. It was sold to China in 1996 and became part of the theme park in 2004. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
A worker cleans the hotel toilet in the presidential suite of a luxury hotel on the aircraft carrier "Kiev". (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
One more "romantic" presidential suite. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
Living Room Presidential Suite at the hotel on the aircraft carrier "Kiev". (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
The girl in the tunnel, where the test people's reactions to dizziness on the aircraft carrier "Kiev". (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
Visitor facilities at the hotel aboard the aircraft carrier "Kiev". (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
Hotel visitor leaves the shop with a plate of noodles. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
A visitor stands under the former aircraft carrier rocket launcher "Kiev", a converted into a hotel. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
The boy sits on a shell on an aircraft carrier, written off the hotel. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
Offer visitors various shows and entertainment. For example, the capture of pirates. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
American artists entertain guests, staging the capture of the ship. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
Children have a place to roam. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
A boy plays in a former aircraft carrier. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
"Previously, China had no aircraft carriers. People consider them mysterious and interesting. Even now, after China launched the its first aircraft carrier, the people still have to get used to, "- says Marketing Manager Liu Chang. (REUTERS / Jason Lee)
"I think people have come here out of curiosity." (REUTERS / Jason Lee)

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