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Mozquitoo: House shaped logo design for inspiration

Thursday, January 12, 2012

House shaped logo design for inspiration

1. Trolley Home

Trolley Home

2. Maler House

Maler House

3. Georgian house

Georgian house

4. Wallington Cobble Stone House Old

Wallington Cobble Stone House Old

5. Lavender field guest house

Lavender field guest house

6. Whitley Ales Brewery

Whitley Ales Brewery

7. Kunsthalle Villa Kobe

Kunsthalle Villa Kobe

This is a logo for a german art gallery, the Kunsthalle Villa Kobe.

8. VillageHouston


Logo for VillageHouston Church near Rice University in Houston, TX.

9. The Covington Group

The Covington Group

10. National Real Estate

National Real Estate



12. Eco Structures

Eco Structures

13. Doghouse Brewing Company

Doghouse Brewing Company

Logo for a brewing company that targets adult male screw-ups that are “in the doghouse” with their wife, girlfriend, boss, etc.

14. Kerala Real Estate List

Kerala Real Estate List

15. Casa Infantil Mojoneras

Casa Infantil Mojoneras

A pro bono project for a House Childhood Assistance.


16. The Caleb Companies

The Caleb Companies

17. House of Waxes

House of Waxes

18. GrowHouse


19. Red House

Red House

20. Paperhouse architects

Paperhouse architects

21. Som Hostels

Som Hostels

22. Science House

Science House

23. Maintain


24. Green House

Green House

25. B and Z


26. Apartments @ Whale Bay

Apartments @ Whale Bay

27. House box

House box

28. Musterhaus


29. Ghost house

Ghost house

30. Welcome Home Society

Welcome Home Society

31. Denim House

Denim House

32. OpenGo


33. Gayda Homes

Gayda Homes

34. Gaughan Home Realty

Gaughan Home Realty

35. Summit Construction

Summit Construction

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