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Mozquitoo: 9 Amazing Facts about China

Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 Amazing Facts about China

Today’s China is not a same country our father knew 6 decades ago. Everybody knows that present day’s China is more powerful and known as one of the most prosperous country on Planet earth. With their communist law, China has become a new center of economy, education, investment and science worldwide. On the following post, we are going to explore 9 amazing things about China.

9. China that we know today is a new China from the revolution of 1 October 1949. View year early, After Japan occupied China, Nationalist and Communists united to cast Japanese Armies away. Couple of year’s later, communist party led by Mao Zedong outrun nationalists and led China until present day.

8 . Same as a decade ago, China is the leader of world’s population number. Today, total Chinese on the planet is 1.3 billion. The total number is bigger than Indians and Americans combined.

7. China is known as one of the most industrious nation on earth. The number of total workforce touches 800,000,000 million people and beyond. Around 2 years ago, these people produced:
22,3 Billion cigarettes
619, 200.000 China Cell phones
13, 2 million tons of Sugar
13, 800.000 unit motors
59, 300.000 refrigerator
67,600.000 LCD TVs

6. In Business, China is one of the biggest exporters in the world.
- China Exported Shoes worth $28,000,000,000 in 2009
-China Exported Cell phones worth $39,600,000,000 in a same year
-and China Had also exported men, women and Children’s garment valued $107,100,000,000 in that year.

5. For China, US is 2nd most important business allies. Each Year, US bought China’s product worth

4. This is view cool Facts about China related to Rice:

-In China, around 300 million people has proficient as Farmers
-China is one of the largest rice exporters in the world. China exports 26% of total demands of Rice Worldwide or around 193,000,000 tons
-In 2008 alone, Native Chinese in China Mainland had consumed 130,700,000 tons of rice
- Chinese consumed 300,000,000 turtles every year.

3. Cool facts about China’s Military:

- China has the biggest number of Armies in the world. China has 3,400,000 active armies and 1,200,000 reserve armies.
-China’s military shopping budget is the 2nd biggest in the world follows US
- China’s military reserves 100-400 nuclear warheads and 7,500 tanks
-China’s Air Force composes 2,024 aircraft behind Russia that has 2,832-fighter plane and US with 5,550 air fighters.

2. One of greatest Modern China’s achievements is the restoration of a fair law. In the last 10 years, China’s court has prosecuted more narcotics smugglers, corruption, tax fraudster and top class criminals with bullets or deadly injection.

1. The number of Chinese Mafia or Triad is the 2nd biggest in the world. Triad groups around 250,000 followers follows Russian Mafia (100.000-500,000 member). After Triad, Yakuza sits on 3rd rank of biggest mafia in the world (86,000 member) and Italian Mafia or Cosa Nostra with 4,000 followers.

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