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Mozquitoo: India's First Super Car..

Monday, February 13, 2012

India's First Super Car..

[Image: 71781094042840141497.jpg]

The car was unveiled by Amitabh Bachchan and will initially come
powered by a 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine from Ford, and later a turbo
V6 Honda engine. The 4-cylinder turbo petrol will make 265 hp,
while the V6 engine will make 400 hp.

[Image: 21716119233581072350.jpg]

The engines are being tuned in the UK and will be shipped to India in crates where they will be installed the cars. Much like the engines, most of the other components that go into the cars will also be imported into the country. However, the body and interiors are being manufactured at DC's Talegaon plant in Pune. The body shell is made of aluminium, while the body panels are made of GRP.
[Image: 10432444885767976396.jpg]
The first showroom will be launched in Hyderabad
[Image: 91737763720527564729.jpg]
Specifications of the car:
Type: 2.0L Four Cylinder
Maximum power: 240 BHP @ 5500 RPM
Maximum Torque: 270lb/ft of torque @3500 RPM
Transmission: MMT6 6speed
Turbocharged engine with direct injection and VVT DOHC Four valves per cylinder

[Image: 86592503344656764876.jpg]
Tubular space frame
Jig built
TIG welded

[Image: 12108378320253578575.jpg]
[Image: 33365895471581525118.jpg]
Unequal length double wishbones
Coil cover shock absorbers
Steering and Brakes
Rack and pinion
330 mm ventilated discs (Front and Rear) AP racing calipers Wheels
Front rim size - 8.5J-19
Tyres - 255/35 19” x 8.5 J
Track - 1680 mm
Rear Rim size - 11J-19
Tyres - 295/30 19” x 11 J
Track - 1660 mm

[Image: 10811715401277307857.jpg]
The Avanti is expected to do a sub-seven second zero to hundred timing.
These engines are mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission system.

[Image: 24555908113922469194.jpg]

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