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Mozquitoo: Ten of the Stupidest Valentine’s Presents

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten of the Stupidest Valentine’s Presents

10- Mystery Novels

Well guys, if it’s a thriller/mystery novel reflecting in your girlfriends eyes this Valentine’s, you have a lot of explanation to do and of course don’t think too hard on the mysterious disappearance of your girlfriend. Even if your girlfriend is a novel addict, this is not what any lady expects from you on this ‘love’-ly occasion!

9- Pointless Jewelery

As a guy you may presume a girl to take fancy in jewelery but if that jewelery turns out to be screaming, ‘I AM SO POINTLESS’ then I assume you just needed to enter a couple party, so you let one chick on your hook for the day. Bad jewelery, especially the ones with extremely lame tag lines can get you one tight slap or a heartbroken tear from your girl. So look out!

8- A Boyfriend Pillow?

Well, this is rather stupid and plain desperate. Although some girls MIGHT find it adorable, (good Lord). This is just too much if you are just in the beginning of your relationship and even if you are an adult, this looks too desperate and the girl might end up thinking herself as one – hence her feelings might take a u-turn.

7- Gym Membership

I can only imagine the look on your girlfriends face when she looks at the membership card and I’m saying right now, THINK AGAIN before you do that because I won’t be there to say, ‘I told you so’. I came across a rather hilarious and well, true in all means, picture saying, ‘It’s not a woman’s dream to find the perfect man but to eat anything without getting fat’. So you can imagine that being assumed as a fat woman is a disgrace and a matter of great embarrassment to them. They will be sure to dump your ‘goodwill’ in a charity department.

6- The Sweet Heart Shirt

Have you ever seen couples wandering around on Valentine’s day in these joint shirts? I doubt it. The most cheesiest and uncomfortable gift you could gift to your Valentine and there are several possibilities of your day might ending up in a foul mood. This gift is extremely lame and does not signify love or true moments of your relationship (or rather, SHOULD NOT signify your relationship!)

5- Men Brassiere- Classic

If your man is not quiet man enough, this Valentine’s surprise him with men’s special brassiere and he will end up e-mailing your naked pictures to your dad. Yes I know the idea is not so tempting and maybe stupid if you consider the consequences.

4- 8-Bit Dynamite Life Shirt

If you are gifting this to your Valentine, then tell me, how does this EVER symbolizes love in its true form? This shirt, you wear one and give the other to your partner. Then whenever you both are “in range”, the pixilated hearts start glowing to full charge. This means your beloved is somewhere nearby and you can go over and give him/her a hug! Though, this, many people find adorable is rather strange and will not come in use forever and all you could do with it is just keep it.

3- Date With the Kids

Valentine’s day is yours and his day, though bringing your kids maybe sweet but will look very awkward if you end up fixing the kids all through the night rather than giving him/her time.

2- Anger Management Classes

Woah! Anger management classes will MOST probably end up in an another and the worst up till that time, anger outburst from your loved one. This action of yours will never be seen in good will regardless your ‘positive intentions’. This can be one of the worst ever Valentines gifts with an immediate break-up or perhaps if you get lucky she/he might realize her anger issues but Valentine’s is hardly the day for confrontations.

1- Control your Man/Woman Controlling Remote

Stupid? This is not even stupid, this is like a hate day present rather than a love day one! This one made number one on my list due to its complete irrelevance to the day which celebrates love. After giving this gift, you will only be left with your hand to play with. Yes.


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