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Mozquitoo: Andy's Room Diorama - Toy Story 3 Papercraft

Monday, October 17, 2011

Andy's Room Diorama - Toy Story 3 Papercraft

Andy is now 17 years old and packing for college, and his toys who have not been played with in many years feel forgotten and abandoned. Andy decides to take Woody with him to college and puts the other toys in a trash bag for storage in the attic. The toys are accidentally thrown out, though, when Andy's mom finds the bag and puts it on the curb with the trash, causing the toys to think they are no longer wanted. They escape and decide to climb in a box to be donated to the Sunnyside Daycare. Woody, the only toy who saw what really happened, is forced to follow the others and tries to explain they were thrown out by mistake, but they refuse to listen.

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