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Mozquitoo: Throwing Mobile Phones Championship 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Throwing Mobile Phones Championship 2011

Finland must be the champion of unusual competitions: football in knee-high mud, carrying wives along rugged terrain, eating chili, throwing rubber boots and matches and even playing the imagined guitar... But this one is the most famous - mobile phones throwing competition!

It's the 11th year when such championship is held in the city of Savonlinna, 300 km from Helsinki.

The idea of the competition belongs to Kristina Lund - the owner of a wonderful little hotel Lossiranta. During the action of mobile phones utilization she thought of something that often comes to mind to everyone - throw the device as far as possible. Sometimes we are all irritated by a phone, when it has low charge or something...

The last record belongs to an Englishman - Chris Haff who set it in 2007. He threw the mobile phone at the distance of 95m 83 cm. To beat this record one has to throw a phone to the point from where the picture was taken.

Rights for the world championship belong to Kristina, to organize the competition in other countries her consent must be provided. As a rule other countries make a more scale event than Finland itself.

There are three categories of the competition - among men, women and juniors. Kids are the first to participate.

Having your own mobile phone is prohibited, it's necessary to choose one used from the offered.

A local hockey team helps to find a precise place of a device falling and bring it back to the place of throwing.

Throwing results are shown to spectators.

And fixed in a computer.

Very often mobile phones break to pieces.

There is some risk for fans to be hit by a phone.

Believe it or not - even a professional flinger couldn't throw a mobile phone better than an ordinary unprepared guys.

Apart from the traditional style - who throws further, there is a free style, where the most important thing is your creativity, how much your throw is original. The participant from Australia becomes first.

This girl becomes second.


Junior winners

This year the official sponsor of the event was Golla company - the producer of accessories for mobile phones.

Kristina promised to think of throwing newer models next year, they should fly better than these old crap.

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