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Mozquitoo: 10 Things To Do Before You Die

Saturday, October 8, 2011

10 Things To Do Before You Die


Try Zorbing! You may have seen it, but i doubt many of you tried it . Creates a huge adrenaline rush.

2. Take the world’s most awesome roller-coasters

There are many exciting roller-coasters in the world, Top Thrill Dragster, Steel Dragon 2000, Colossus, Superman the Escape, Incredible Hulk and Son of the Beast to name a few.

8. Realizing a childhood dream

Maybe you had a dream when you were a kid, that trip to New York, Paris, Rome or some other destination, or singing before an audience that is not your family.

7. Visit the Great Wall of China

You may not walk all the way of the Great Wall of China, it is, after all, 6400 miles long but to see the wall and go for a part of it is something that would be cool to do.

6. Develop a talent

Learn to paint, dance or anything else you’ve wanted to do . It’s always fun to have an interest and be good at something.

5. See for yourself that the Earth is round

The safest way is to sail in one direction and not stop until you’re back home. For a cheaper, albeit not quite as direct method, rise above the Arctic Circle around the summer solstice and spend a night and see the sun above the horizon circle.

4. Skydive

There are probably few things to do voluntarily that is as scary, but it’ll be really cool and it’s definitely something you can boast of the event.

3. African safari

To see animals that people have only seen on TV is a cool experience.

2. Swimming with sharks

Must be one of the scariest things you can do, but still incredibly cool. To see one of the world’s most dangerous mammal at close must be exciting.

1. Experience weightlessness

Just floating around without feeling the force of gravity, it is something you should try if you can. And here’s where you can do that:


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