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Mozquitoo: 10 Ways to Keep the Love Fire Burning!

Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Ways to Keep the Love Fire Burning!

The FireProof movie was created by the same company that produced FlyWheel and Facing the Giants. I know that everyone has probably heard of it by now, but don’t just watch it as another movie…really pay attention this time. And pay attention to your spouse as they are watching it…I know that my husband and I were nodding our heads in agreement, or sheepishly laughing at some of the verbage in the scenes. We also fidgeted when the scenes of tension and disagreement were displayed. Why? Guess we’ve been there…it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married, you must keep the romantic flame alive! That’s really hard to do if you find yourself not respecting or admiring each other very much.

I’ve listed below 10 ideas to help keep the flame burning in your relationship…have fun and be creative!

1. Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman..yes, okay, another book…but a must read for all couples! You can both take the test at his website.

2. Write your spouse a love letter! It’s not cheesy…it’s just for their eyes only. Tell them what you love and admire about them…they need to know and they need to know from you. I don’t care if you’ve been married for 30 minutes or 30 years, think about the qualities that drew you to that person. What made you decide to commit to this one incredible human being? Thank them for being the best part of you.

3. If writing a letter leaves you tongue tied…how about creating a video just for them? Same rules as above…only the wonderful things that you love and appreciate about them.

4. Learn how to play! Do something spontaneous that your spouse would love, especially if it’s not “your thing”. Buy him tickets to a sporting event and go with him. Men need and want the companionship of their wife. You don’t have to go to every ballgame or play golf every time he does, but let him know that you’re willing to! Gentlemen, if your wife loves to go to plays or concerts, surprise her with a nice dinner and tickets. Putting on a tie for one night won’t kill you! Of course, there are ways to be adventurous and playful and not spend a lot of money. My husband and I go hiking together and pack a picnic in our backpacks. We love the peace and quiet of the wooded trails, and just being together is what it’s all about anyway.

5. Ladies…ask your man to teach you something about his favorite hobby…does he play tennis or golf? How about some personal instruction? Pay attention ladies, because if you don’t, someone else will!

6. Gentlemen…please pay your wife a sincere compliment…have you told her lately how beautiful she is? Have you given her a hug “just because”? Have you told her lately that “I love you”? Put down that remote and look into those gorgeous eyes and let her know how proud you are to be her man!

7. Romantic dinner for two…no children, no interruptions, no cell phones please! Whether it’s a dinner you prepare together at home, or a nice evening out with wine and flowers, make sure that you focus on the two of you. No talk of bill paying, the mortgage, the children, the neighbors, the job…talk about your dreams and inspirations; talk about future plans and yes, your feelings!!

8. Men think about sex…about a zillion times a day, even if they’re dying —that being said, ladies, get rid of the flannel pj’s and baggy boxer shorts. Please find something pretty, soft and feminine to wear to bed and let your honey know just how much you can’t wait to be held by those strong arms! If you need inspiration, there’s a reason that romance novels are flying off the shelf! Don’t substitute a fantasy in a book when you’ve got the real thing right in your bedroom!! Enough said.

9. Been by a florist lately? Well, what’s stopping you? Don’t just send her flowers once or twice a year…they really mean more to us when we’re not expecting them! You don’t have to spend a fortune either. My sweetie stops at the local grocery store, and you can buy a pretty little bunch of them for less than $10.00. Believe me, guys, this is something small that will impress her in a big way. And if you really want her to practice #8 above, take the time to find a romantic card to go with the flowers.

10. I love you, I love you, I love you. You are the most important person in my life. You cannot say these words enough, and please don’t just want until your anniversary or Valentines’ Day to say them! Life is too short my friends to waste the precious time we’ve been given. Please take the time to cherish each other, appreciate all the good qualities that your spouse has been given, and you will reap the rewards of a “fireproof” relationship.

These tips are just to get you started…over the years, we read many books together and discussed what we were learning with each other. We’ve had our ups and downs, our temper tantrums, our arguments, and yes, I ran away one day for about 4 hours! But there’s no place like home, when home is your refuge against the world; home is being held closely by your loved one and there is no sweeter place on earth.

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