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Mozquitoo: Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth

Wild Earth is an adventure game that lets players explore the African wildlife while completing photography assignments.

The ‘story’ mode will consist of 11 different missions, with primary and secondary objectives to complete. Once a mission is over, your pics are placed into a portfolio along with info on the animals. Is that edutainment we can smell, or is it zebra dung? In addition to the story, there’s a mode that ‘allows you to play from the animal’s perspective’. It sounds intriguing but we’ve seen nothing on this yet. There’s also co-op play, with one player at the wheel of the vehicle while the other takes the snaps.

WILD EARTH: AFRICAN SAFARI - WII - _screen_s21332_wii_11.jpg


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